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Supply and start up issues

Hello, I have done a small amount of sketching. I discovered Mark Carder about ten years ago and was always meaning to try it out but was never settled enough. The set up seems quite daunting as I have never really painted properly before and as I am living in Thailand, I am finding it very difficult to get supplies. There are no decent art shops where I live in Phuket. I have finally got a small room that I can use as a studio. All the specific materials just seem very hard to come by, even ordering online. It's something you get used to here but frustrating all the same. 

Also, is it difficult to start with oil paints not having really painted before?

If anyone knows a way to have supplies such as paint, brushes and other items required for this course, that can be delivered to this region, I would be very grateful.

Thanks & regards,



  • Conor

    Welcome to the DMP Forum.

    Yep. Not easy. Difficult no matter where you live. Progressively acquire and allow a few months to get set up.

    Here is a good source of clove oil - 


  • Welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to hear about the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It seems he was very popular with the people there.

    Lazda has Windsor and Newton mediums and varnish and some quality brushes.  AliExpress have limited choices in oil color by the tube and other art supplies but I can't speak to their suitability.

    Also there are other painters from your region that have contributed to the forum's pages maybe they can help.

    Good Luck


  • Hello again Conor. Don't know if this helps but Louvre brand oil colors are available in a store in Bangkok. They ship all over the country but nobody there speaks English. I copied the article and I'm pasting it for you.

    Where to buy art supplies in Thailand

    Thailand Painting Holidays is a guest house in Phon Phisai, Nong Khai, NE Thailand.   We provide art tuition from beginner to experienced artists and most art materials are provided as part of the course.  It is often difficult to get good quality art supplies in Thailand and this page includes some of the shops that we use.


    We spent a couple of days looking for a good art materials supplier in Bangkok and I did find one called Somjai which has ten branches.  They have a website but its of limited value, as it uses images which do not translate to English and seems to have little information about products.

    Somjai's phone number is 66 2225 0541 but of course you need to be able to speak Thai and know what Thai for the materials your require to have any chance of communicating . 

    The main shop is at this Google Map location  The address for the taxi driver is Somjai, The Old Siam Plaza, Burapha Road, off Charoen Krung, Phra Nakhon.  This is a fascinating area to visit with many small shops.

    We thought their prices were probably a bit lower than Australia.  Its difficult to be sure but think Arches paper were selling for about $4,50 a sheet while I get at discounted price of about $5 in Australia.  I use a lot of Archival Lean Medium which was also cheaper even though it is made in Australia,  I can also buy it in large cans I didn't think are available in Australia for a very low price per litre.

    There were lots a brands of Acrylic I don't know so I can't estimate the quality or the price.  The guys in the shop were very helpful and its as good as Australian art shops.  They don't speak English of course, so it helps if you can show them a picture of what you want on a smart phone.

    There is also a branch on the third floor of the Chamchuri building next to the Sam Yan MRT station in Bangkok. They have less stock than the main shop but worth visiting if you can't get to Phra Nakhon.  The building is next to the University and the top floor is a huge academic bookstore. 

    They have a branch at Siam Square but I haven't been to it. 

    We arranged to order supplies over the telephone transferring the payment to their bank account.  They ship all over Thailand on this basis, but of course you need to be able to communicate your requirements in Thai.   

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  • Thanks very much for the answers......all very helpful......and encouraging. I will check out the recommendations.

    The King was revered here in a way many westerners wouldn't quite understand. Hopefully there will be a smooth transition to his successor.


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