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"Choosing Color Group" Tutorial ?

edited January 2013 in Color Mixing
Guys where can I find this tutorial from Mark? I did buy his earlier DVD ( will I find it there ? )


  • I don't think he actually did a "color group" part but you could rewatch the paint mixing part and it would help I am sure. We need to just pester him to get busy with the next DMP video! ;))
  • Liz..Watch it on this forum from the list of short Videos or look for it on the DVD ?
  • Still have to film it, should be up soon. Watch the entire color mixing vid, there is some color group info at the end.

    bhopali - I am no longer part of TCM at all, and I will no longer be recommending it because the new vids are simply better. I learned a lot about teaching over the last 5 years :-) I am trying to make DMP as much of a complete "learn to paint in oil" education as I can. But it may take two or three years to get near completion. I suspect it will never be finished as I can always add more vids to the site.
  • On here....he talks a little about the groups. The thing to remember is just try to see the main groups. Like if you have a silver cup there are all the grays, an apple with the reds...just think of the main color and not all the little differences.
  • I have all sorts of color dvd's and color theory books and was just overwhelmed by the whole subject until I gave Mark's approach a try. What a relief! For the first time I am confident that I can mix any color I need and match any color I see.
  • I so agree! Color mixing was sooooo hard! Just try and not look at the small changes and mix those when you need them.
  • I too think the mixing of colors or creating steps is what helped me the most. I now make 2 or three steps of each major color I am using and mix the rest as I paint. Starting out I had lots of steps and by doing that, color mixing becomes second nature.
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