WILBUR.Dog portrait..Help needed

Hello everyone,
one of my mums very very close friends birthday is right around the corner..and I decided I would gift her a portrait of her lovely golden retriever.
This is the first time I used soft pastels(messy..but real fun to work with) along with color pencils.
I set out at making a decent drawing and trying to capture his spirit(he is an amazingly calm dog,very very loyal and unbelievably loving)
I do have a question regarding the background.the picture was taken with a phone camera and was taken in his play area..and the background is not something I am keen on including in this picture.
But now I have no clue what kind of background to make..I was keen on making a dark to light gradation with a single color(probably the complementary color of the most dominant color in the picture,which is orange)
But I am not very sure.I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.
I openly welcome criticism.
Thank you
p.s:the colors in the photo of my drawing are not as subtle as in reality(or so it seems on my phone display)


  • Maybe a blue sky with clouds for a background?
  • H.M.

    Great dog and a beautiful pastel drawing.

    The background is fine. It has perspective and depth. The blue and green contrasts well with the dog coat. The area gives a good story about the flow of light and as 'his' play space the area has an important context for his owner.

    All you need to do is soften the edges and blur the detail. Keep the gradation of light and dark to show the depth.

    I hope the dog has access to a more natural play space as well.


  • Thank you Denis and Richard..
    I spent the last two hours tweaking the background...I shall post a picture tomorrow.
    Sadly my camera is not able to pick up the colors the way they actually are.But i'll try taking a picture anyways.
    I greatly appreciate the advice.
    Warm Regards
  • Dog's color is yellow (golden). You can go with traditional way with muted violet color. You already have a violet, add that yellow ochre kind of a color that you have in your Camlin pastel set. Mix them with finger on paper. Don't do too much.
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