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A few years ago a coffee shop opened up in town bringing to the area espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. It was a nice place but no wall art, I spoke with the owner about hanging my art in it and she agreed. 6 months after dropping off the paintings the owner still had not put them on the wall, stating she was still getting to it but couldn't decide where to hang them..(.it wasn't just my art, others had same problem ceramics, photographers, etc) so I eventually gave up on her and took the paintings home..(she never did put stuff out lol) she sold the shop and the new owners have filled the place.... I recently saw some of the paintings and almost choked ... They are terrible and honest to goodness I am being nice about it. Someone has cut out magazine pictures ( envision toast)  Slapped some paint on a canvas ( envision yellow)  and glued the pictures to it....I spoke with the new owner today and asked about wall space... She hesitated stating she kind of wants to get rid of the wall art because they are just not selling....she said she isn't sure why since the painter is an art teacher...( I wanted to say art teacher my butt, Instead kept it to myself) I showed her what I paint, she likes it and said I could put it out, but what she really would like is some whimsical coffee art stuff..... 

Do you ever find after trying to improve and go for better realism...painting stuff that's easy has now become hard to do?   It's almost like no wind in your sails.... "Yes put your art in my shop, no paint something simple like a silhouette of a cup and steam" 
I guess beggars cant be choosers, maybe I will make a little money.


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