Painting competitions

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Usually I learn faster when I am in a competition or with a deadline, 
I would like to see if this works with painting too.
Setting the bar high maybe would help me to reach higher.

Did you ever participated in a art/painting competition? 

Did the competition help you improve? 

Can you suggest me one? 

I've found this... it seems legit... but not my style:



  • Hi,

    Competition certainly helps.

    I was a part of a group in a local gallery where a large number of professionals of New Delhi art scene appeared frequently. Seeing their painting in person and learning from them was a great thing in my life. it was an improvement beyond measure! I also participated in a workshop-group show type event in that gallery, where I observed not only their technique and themes, but also how do they place their paintings into the market. The owner of the gallery was kind enough to let me in and taught me about some of the commercial aspect of painting business.

    If you are entering any competition you must have skills (both content related and technique) at par with other artists (you can see @davidkassan artwork in your link).
  • Padamban

    The art magazines are chock - a - block with competitions and rich prizes.

    International Artist bases each edition around a competitive theme.
    In the current edition the competition, No 94, is abstract/experimental art.
    The prize is a four page spread in Art Collector magazine.
    Here is an ezine preview:


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