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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum, and I'm not too sure where to start. I'm currently 32 (b.1983) and I've been the kind of person who can draw and paint well, but rarely does it. I tend to like working in watercolours, but I've always been curious to learn the "mysteries" of oil painting. I still (as of this moment) have never used artist's oils.

I came across Mark's "how to paint in oils" video a little while back, and saved it to my favourites. I then forgot about it as I worked on other projects (I'm a cabinetmaker, antique clock collector and restorer, upholsterer, and house renovator, so I'm always busy with something). I then came across another of his videos, and then I tumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up watching about 90% of all his videos, and slowly becoming obsessed with wanting to try the Mark Carder method of oil painting.

As of now, I'm still collecting supplies. I'm in Ontario, and a few of the supplies are not that easy to find (like the VT). I am also quite broke at the moment, so I'm trying to spend as little as possible. That said, I've stretched some canvases on custom made frames, and I have 75% of my supplies, so I'm excited to start soon. I will be trying some still life paintings.

Attached are 3 photos, two are watercolours done a few years ago, both from photographs, and using tracings, and one photo showing a replica New Hampshire mirror clock made entirely from scratch (incl. gold leaf, turnings, dial and dial glass painting, cutting the hands, casting the weight, etc).

Madagascar Moon Moth, Watercolour, 2013

White Butterfly, Watercolour, 2014

Replica NH Mirror Clock (1830s), 2015



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