Inspiration where does yours come from?

I asked some painter, and writer,  friends and listen to other painters on YouTube and everyone is different. Some say that they are always inspired and just don't have the time to paint it all, others are more like me, either on fire or as cold as ice when it comes to painting the next painting. I am almost sad to finish a painting because I don't know when the next one will come from. I am curious to know what others think about this topic. I know everyone has had dry spells here and there, but where do you get your inspiration to paint, and what do you do in the dry spells in between?


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    I haven't had any dry periods since discovering DMP. My difficulty is finding time to do all the paintings I have planned. I never lacked inspiration but before discovering DMP I couldn't get myself to paint because my earlier attempts had always ended up as mud and I didn't think I could or ever would be able to paint even half well. I lacked technical expertise. Inspiration was never lacking. It was and is all around me in the beauty of the world but without technique I couldn't channel that inspiration.  I am so grateful to have found at DMP a way that makes it possible for me to paint.
  • I agree tassieguy, DMP has opened a whole new level to me as far as tools, tips, and knowledge. I am blown away at Mark's generosity and skill as a teacher. I would love to attend a workshop of his. I do watch and rear watch his dvd'so often. I am planning my next still life in oil and can't wait.
  • David Wilson, I believe what you were inspired by initially was correct. To paint a landscape truthfully and realistically is wonderful and there is a place for that type of art. There is also a place for art that conveys basic truths and tells stories. I think some of the best examples of art are of such a kind. I know the one time I went to an art museum I was drawn to those paintings most, (Frida Kahlo  and Picasso  I felt much depth not so much physical beauty as emotion and tenderness, openess that is rare in this world. I wish I could have gone to an art school but that is not my path. I started painting again 4 years ago after 25 years, and am just happy to be doing it again. 
  • John1966

    Where do I get my inspiration?: Inspiration to paint is an uncontrollable internal process involving a matrix of spontaneity and emotion. I just have to let it happen. Though it seems to flow from looking at and admiring other works of art and nature in the broadest sense. The colors in a cloud. The fall of light on a shoulder. The texture of tree bark. The aroma of a fresh cut lemon....

    What do I do in dry spells?; Live figure drawing with conte on newsprint. Always a challenge to refine a huge set of artistic skills - observation, measurement, perspective, proportion, composition, lighting, posing, edges......


  • I have just discovered new inspiration... I love learning from Mark Carder, however Robert Hagan's art is something I hope to paint like... I just love everything he paints!!! 
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    I wake up in the morning and I SEE.  Never was a foregone conclusion, as I was felled by leukemia seven  years ago, and many thought I was going down the path home to God. These days I find myself with a renewed purpose, to divine the beauty of this existence and express gratitude and joy that I can , with all my senses , be still part of this LIFE. So I paint to render the facets of Beauty that surround me in the everyday, or to distill the essence of subjects captured in my photographs. Art and painting are a conduit to the Golden Thread that ties my soul to the Source. 
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    After watching a recent video of Mark's where the works of Karen Offutt were featured, I went to her site and read her bio page and thought parts of it were a good answer to your question, @John1966, "Inspiration where does yours come from?" 

    She says: "As and artist, I am very aware of my environment which invites me to be a constant observer. I see potential in everything and my emotional reaction guides me to the specific inspiration. There are different aspects to my painting, for example technical skill, creative freedom and emotional truth. My goal is to create work that guides all these elements in a direction that moves me."

    I wish that I had said it because it's true for me too.   :)  

    That quote and more can be found here:      Summer   

  • David Wilson thank you.  
  • Jswartzart I agree Mark has inspired me as well, and Hagan is incredible. I had not seen his work thank you.
  • Santosbodin, so glad to have you here, and thanks you for your contribution.
  • Summer, thank you for the info, I will check out the link. 
  • Another oil painter I think is fantastic is Nick Alm
    hisbrush work is so loose if you take a look at his paintings they are really amazing
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    Jswartzart, Nick Alm's work is beautiful. Like an image from a dream. It is both in this world and at the same time in another, I really like it. Thanks again I will have to look him up as well.
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    This might sound strange but In terms of Work ethic I am inspired by Michael Phelps.
    Strange right?
    But when you see a person who has reached the pinnacle of any art form or sport...As humans we are instantly awe inspired by such individuals.When I see Mr.Phelps and all that he has achieved..I am reminded of the countless hours he must have put in to become such a super human athlete and that motivates me to work harder and achieve my dreams in both painting and life.
    Art after all is Life..and although sports and painting aren't in the same category...hard work and dedication prevails in both.

    Here is a quote by Mr.Phelps:
    "You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get".
    I feel this applies for art as well..anyone can reach for the stars..its only a matter of dedication and passion.
    All artists inspire me to become better at my craft.But for me this one man has really set the path for my life.
  • Whenever I found myself uninspired or uncreative I take it as a sign that I am not fully aware/awake with what happens inside me and around me! There is nothing to inspire anyone if his eyes are closed and his ears don't listen. Inspiration comes from within in a way that no one can give an explanation. So I believe that we can most of times be inspired if we set our intent to that direction
  • Michalis, wonderfully put, I will copy and paste this to my notes on my phone. I think this is valuable advice, and I agree I just never had it put to me like that. Thank you. 
  • H.M, great quote, I too find inspiration for art in other seemingly unrelated crafts. Mr. Phelps, is an inspiration on so many levels you have added art to that list as well. Thanks you.
  • @john1966 Another inspiration that comes to mind is something a teacher once told me.  "Paint the thing that you are champing at the bit to do.  Try to do nothing else."  I guess that means when you get agitated like a horse and out of frustration, start chomping on the bit.  That was how I felt when I painted my rat terrier a few months ago.  I must say that I was really in a state of mind that my teacher was suggesting.  Life being what it is, however, I also have done and do commissions but they aren't as much fun.  I see a lot of champing at the bit on DMP.  Summer
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