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My wonderful 35 SRL of course cannot connect to a computer. I don't like doing an old fashioned photo and scanning it into the computer because the quality is lost.My son's nikon has the buttons and controls so small that they are very hard to use and when the icons are on the camera menu they are too small for me too read. I either have to find a large print version of a camera or have Olin Mills start taking pictures of my paintings. What can someone recommend?


  • Grandma,

    What is your budget? That, more than anything, will guide us in helping you make a decision.

  • I want to stay below $300 and the farther below the better. I've just got to be able to SEE the darn controls. LOL It's hell getting old.

  • I don't know if that is a reasonable amount or not. One son paid $1500 for his digital and my SIL paid over $2000 for his. But I can't do that anymore.
  • Hi Grandma...I have a Canon Power Shot SD850 ELPH....I LOVE this shoots quality pics and because I'm not very knowledgeable about cameras...this one is simple enough for me to use, yet has lots of "bells & whistles"....

    I bought it several years ago...and paid around $400 for it....but have seen some refurbished ones in the $200 range...imagine if you do some shopping online you can find a bargain...

    Also, check reviews under this camera and you will see all it does...I especially like the image stablizer (if your shaky) will stabilize the image...hope this helps you..

  • If you have a local camera shop where you live, you might drop in and and have a talk with them. In the little town I just moved from there was a great shop owned by a husband and wife team. They had lots of used cameras that they would take in on trade when someone bought a new one. He would refurbish the cameras so they were in great shape and sold them at terrific prices. If you have such a place, you could go in, tell them how your going to use the camera and your specific needs for larger buttons, etc. They may have just the one or know how to find one for you. :)
  • Thanks - there's no camera shop near me but I'll make a trip to Ft Worth and shop around.
  • yep, I would look for a Canon DSLR that was mine even for lots of other things than artwork. It takes so much better pics that I have to pack it to every family event because everyone likes the pics from it so much better.
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    Here is a link to a site that is a Smart camera guide for seniors.

    It makes four recommendations. Have a look at each before you buy.

    Keep in mind that these cameras have automatic settings as well as manual. So you can set to "Auto" and just shoot to your hearts content, leaving it up to the camera to work out the settings.

    I think you will need to pay more than $300 though.


  • Thank you all for your help.
  • Gosh Garry, that's very kind of you. I'd add that this camera is very capable of taking very nice photos. I had some experience with it some while ago and was impressed with it.
  • I want everyone to know that the camera arrived so swiftly; I journeyed to Waco and bought the new memory card, cord to connect to my computer, got my son to download the manual and today, weather permitting, I am planning on taking pictures of 4 or 5 paintings and trying to photoshop them and get them on the web. As everyone who has read one of my post can tell, I am not exactly computer literate so we'll see what happens. I feel like a one-legged woman about to enter a race against Lance Armstrong,
    but I am know I can get some good corrective advice if I can get the paintings posted. I think you need to pray for me. Garry has done all he can, now I have to. Darn - old age comes at a bad time, folks!
  • Oh , Forgive the typo, I sound so very stupid .
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    @Grandma, nothing you've ever said on this forum has sounded stupid. So many people in later years shy away from learning technology out of fear. Think about what you are doing. You are on an niche internet forum asking advice on how to get the best digital photos, edit them in Photoshop and post them onto that forum. Ha, you sound so very awesome to me.
  • Thank you both. You're wonderfully loving people.
  • Your well on your way Grandma! You've got the heart and will power.....your going to do just great. The only 'stupid' question by any of us is the one we don't ask. :)
  • I do know a little about cycling, Grandma. These days you'd kick Armstrong's butt as he's not doping.
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