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sun down-moon up

edited July 2016 in Drawing
This is the first drawing as such I've posted on the forum. Sorry it's trees and our north field again. It's very scrappy and small - 10' X 6" - just a quicky I did  the other night in graphite pencil when the sun was setting and the moon was rising. The other side is printed on and it shows through - I was in a hurry to catch the light and just grabbed a pencil and the first bit of paper to hand. Every thing was sort of black, beige and grey with the silvery moon hanging over it.  I'm wondering about the composition. If it's ok I thought I might be able to work it up as a painting. Do you think it would make an ok painting?

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  • It's nice, I think it would make a good painting! :)
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  • I like it - can't wait to see the painting! :3
  • It will make a lovely painting. Depending on the values the path will either lead the viewer in or the rise on (our) right may lead the viewer out so attention will need to be paid to emphasise which way you want the viewers eye to go using contrast, values and edges.
  • Wonderful pencil work!  I think this will make a wonderful painting.  I agree with Boudicca about being careful what is emphasized for leading the viewer in, but you already did that in pencil...
  • Thanks, everyone. I'll make a painting of it.

    Boudicca, I've noted what you said and will (hopefully) be able to not let the small rise on the right lead the eye out of the picture. Thanks for pointing it out.


  • Looking forward to seeing it  :)
  • edited July 2016
    Thanks, David.

    I don't think I'll need to invent the colour because it was all very simple chromatically. There was very little colour - just black, grey, beige and the whitish moon  - and so it will be a "tonal" painting based on a tonal drawing. I've never attempted anything like that before so not sure how it will turn out. Tim gier did one of a foggy morning recently which was lovely and I have some of Whistler's "nocturnes" in mind. We'll see how it goes ...
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  • Its not complicated at all - just a tool in the kit.  Lots of compositional aids can be used to lead the eye to the center of interest:  strong diagonals, high contrasts, sharper edges, brighter lighting, etc.  Look at any of David Leffel's or Gregg Kreutz's still lifes and you'll see what I mean.
    [Deleted User]SummerBoudicca
  • @davidwwilson, Everyone sees the "whole painting" but if your eye only went to the centre of interest it would be a very boring painting, the painter might just as well paint only the center of interest in the center of the canvas and leave the rest blank. A painting takes us on a journey, from the center of interest to the second most important part to the third etc and back to the beginning again. If there was nothing to lead the eye into the painting like tassieguy's path, then the viewer would flick from one part of the painting to another randomly and without knowing why you would not like the painting. I am not sure if my way of explaining this is very clear , but we all follow , with our eyes ,a well chosen path into a good painting whether or not we know it, Some artists would use a little touch of red paint to draw the eye. 
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