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I happen to have a lot of Ivory black and presently I am painting only black and white painting to understand value differences.
I realized that it is better to have a warm black to create different tones which Ivory black and white cannot produce and painting turns bluish grey.
Will adding burnt sienna to ivory black solve the problem? I want to finish my ivory black paints before moving to regular color DMP method.


  • It should do, any dark brown should tint it towards a warm black.
  • Kaustav

    Mark suggests using a chromatic black mixed with burnt umber and ultramarine blue.
    It is a beautiful black that can be pushed to either a warm black or a cool black depending on how you vary the 40/60 mix.

    Ivory black has a dead and flat appearance in an oil painting.


  • You can alter ivory black in quite a few ways.  Some of those suggestions have been mentioned above.  Adding cad red light in varying amounts will give you anything from a warm black to brown.  Adding alizarin, or something like it, will give anything from a warm black to deep purple.  I hate color charts, but for your own education, you might make try out various combinations in varying amounts to see what happens.  Black is not the evil it has been portrayed.  It is quite useful when used correctly.
  • Thanks everyone for your insight!
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