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WIP "My Kitty" a Portrait FINISHED

MeganSMeganS -
edited July 2016 in Post Your Paintings
This is my niece on my parent's farm. I'm loving how this one feels and the likeness is right on (which can be a struggle for me). Her leggings are very patterned and has tripped me up a little. I only want to elude that they are colorful and patterned, but not actually paint it that way. I hope to go with a looser feel with them. Wish me luck. For some reason, I like torturing myself with polka dots, lace, and highly patterned clothing. My favorite part is her freckles. Forgive my crappy phone photo. My tripod went missing....
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  • MeganS

    Lovely work.


  • Very nice! You've really captured the expression on the young girl's face which, along with her hands and the cat, forms a nice focal point. I look forward to seeing the finished painting.
  • Really nice & I like her freckles too!  I also like the overall light in the picture, can't wait to see it finished!
  • Really nice!! Lovely painting :)
  • I agree with you about the freckles, Jat. I love them. It looks so natural.
  • The kitten captures my attention immediately
    So cute
  • MegaS,

    This is very nice! I like the way you handled the background and I agree with tassieguy about the nice focal point with the kitten and your nieces face. One thing bothers me a little...The transition from the left forearm to the wrist seems off. There is a clear transition from the right wrist to the hand and it looks natural. But the left not quite. The left forearm seems a little thick perhaps as it nears the wrist? Just my observation which may be wrong with out the reference to compare. Based on what you have so far you'll handle the leggings just fine I think.
  • @jmac51
    I'll take a look at that arm. I did struggle with it. In the reference, that arm is very dark and it almost looked like a health issue. I lightened that and also made the shadow along side of it a little more to try to emphasize the shape of the wrist. My niece might look relaxed, but that kitty really wanted to get away. It had it's claws out and started to pull on her shirt to jump over her shoulder. I edited out the claws and the wrinkles in the shirt and also made the expression of the kitty a little less "wild".  The left hand is grabbing the back end of the kitty, which makes for a weird hand placement. The skin is dry so making changes will be interesting!

    Thank you everyone for your comments. It's nice to hear that it's enjoyable to look at. I'm venturing away from DMP a little bit although the color and value discipline is still in place. My brushstrokes have become more loose and I'm hoping to explore that some more. 

    I hope to get to it later today. My burnt umber has dried so I'll be scraping the palette before starting again. The leggings! Gah! 
  • edited July 2016
    Lovely. I think the leggings look fine. And I really love the way you've done the background trees etc.
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  • Very nice ... lovely paint ...
  • MeganS

    A splendid portrait.


  • Love it!  I think the leggings and flowers work beautifully. Well done!
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