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Hi All 
I'd so appreciate some help with this. 
This is my very precious dog , Lucy , a King Charles Spaniel. 
I took the photo with my iPhone, the only camera I have. 
I love the photo itself , as it really captures Lucy but I know it's too blurry to paint from. 
I know that NOW , having watched so many of Mark's videos. Until recently I would have probably had a go and been disappointed with the result without knowing the reason
. Is there any way I can sharpen up the photo or should I just scrap the idea of painting from it ? 
I got the idea of painting this from another thread and posted the picture there but I don't want to invade another member's space. 
Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I'm learning so much from the DMP tutorials and from the discussions in the forum and although I know I have a very long way to go , at least I feel I'm on a path to improvement. 



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