February 2013 BIG SALE on Glossy photo paper

Canon USA is now offering their two top quality PRO platnium and GLOSSY II photo paper at big savings
Platnium reg. 24.99 for $10 and Glossy II reg. 13.99 for $5.60...each package contains 20 sheets...

Really fast shipping and if you look on the internet for coupons..you can get Free Shipping too!

Thought I'd share this.........



  • Wish HP would see those prices and get into a price war! Mark says to stick with the best photo paper for your particular brand of printer.....think it had to do with the inks and toners being made to work best for particular printer brand.
  • Another great deal on premium glossy photo paper is the everyday price of $21.99 at Costco. Their Kirkland Brand glossy photo paper is Epson Premium High Gloss and you get 150 sheets to the pack. I've been using it since they started selling it quite a few years ago. It comes in 8.5x11 standard size.
  • Thanks AZ...I love to shop at Costco...and for future use...will check it out...sounds like a great deal!

    I have a CAnon printer and did buy (as Mark suggested) paper that coincides with my printer...The Canon Platnium Pro is giving ME the best photos I've ever seen...the colors are beautiful...and Thanks to Shirley for her suggestion...I LOVE MY NEW PRINTER!
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