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Short Handle Brushes

PamTPamT -
edited May 2016 in Studio & Supplies
My new Rosemary & Co filbert brushes arrived today, bueatiful bristles and really pleased with them, but I found that I  had inadvertently ordered the standard length handle (approx 7 in) rather than the longer (approx 11 in) handle which is more normal for Oil Brushes and it made me think which do people prefer and why?  I know shorter handles are easier to transport if you paint outside and that longer handles give you distance from the canvas when painting in your studio, but do you have a preference?

Anyway, it just means that I now have a valid excuse for buying more of Rosemary's Brushes.......long handled this time  :3


  • I've always preferred short handled brushes as I tend to use smaller brush sizes.
  • edited May 2016
    Hi @PamT . if it is feasible for you to send those back , they would be very forthcoming in exchanging them for you . I have found their customer support to be so good and super helpful .

    I have been using  the ivory longer filberts by rosemary and the longer handles helps me paint more painterly and looser , although I havent painted much yet . but when i used to use the smaller handles , I tend to hold the brush more like a pen , which is not how i wish to paint

    I find the weight /balance of the longer handles to be of more help than shorter ones .

    (i can hear kingston's words ''use a bigger brush '' , which is an advice I have found to be of prime importance )

    but everyone is different !
  • Thanks Richard and Gerard,

    i can see a use for the short handled brushes so, whilst I'm sure Rosemary's would change them, I think I'll hold on to them but get some longer handled one's as well.......and try to paint in a more 'painterly' style!
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