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Original artwork you've bought?

What original artwork have you bought? I only have one painting from Katherine Ambrose which I bought when we went on honeymoon to South Africa. The currency rate meant I could afford the prices!

The exact picture isn't here. But this is a link to her style of work:

What artwork do you own? :)


  • I've acquired quite a large collection over the years. Two I purchased recently are by the well known Tasmanian artist, Stephen Lees who has won the Glover Prize, Australia's richest award for landscape painting. Buying them was an extravagance but I just love his work so much.

    Here are some examples of his work:

    You can find other examples of his work here:

    Some of the paintings shown on the website above I now own.

  • Interestingly, although I am more geared towards realism in the work I am doing, most of the original work I own is more semi-abstract. A favourite artist of mine is Cedric Baxter, he lives locally and I have a couple of pieces by him. His latest exhibition opens next month so I'll be going along to that. I also have a number of pieces by Aboriginal artists and a couple of works by artist friends.
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