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how a very nieave man is planning on pricing his commission pitches

    My apologies for the poor grammar to follow.

I'm thinking of seeking commissions. I have only just begun painting. I'm thinking of billing my time like an auto shop mechanic. if a competent mechanic can fix a gear box in an hour, and it takes me three, I don't get to charge you 3 times the labour costs.

I've done three works since September. The first (grandmothers) took me Three months, as I was so slow at mixing colour and had no clue. My second Painting (dog) took four weeks. The painting I am now working on will be done inside two weeks. In my opinion all three should have taken a week each, 40 hours probably less.

The works I have done were for family, gifts for special occasions in their lives. If I Had done them as commissions I would have to charge a minimum of a 1000 dollars Canadian  or 7oo USD. They are all 18 by 24.

Because only the commissioner would ever want these types of daily life and portrait type paintings, I mean I would not pay 700 USD unless that was my dog, or my grandparents I feel that I should be able to ask at least that.

I may be deluded as hell. I do not know. Anyway would like to hear some opinions.



  •         I guess what I mean to say is, This is the style of painting I want to pursue.

    It seems to me that capitalism is involved, so I need to make money at it to not have it be a hobby.

    I feel that, if I am going to produce  an image, not of my choosing. then you are going to have to pay me based on what I feel it is worth for me to do it. Not what I think the value of a piece is, that I imagined, created and am now trying to sell to anybody willing to pay the price I am asking.

    As just some guy who would probably just be putting a few paintings on a wall in a coffee shop with my email and a quick line like, Do you have an image you want painted. I also imagine there are internet sites that facilitate that type of thing.

    what I charged would be based on the image, and what kind of time frame(a portion of the time I get to live on the planet) I think it will take me to pull it off.

    If I improve, develop some kind of name for myself, then I can start charging more based on my time be valuable because more people want images from me than I am willing to produce.

  • otherwise I will just keep producing images for myself and not generating a portion of my income from it
    [Deleted User]
  • Hi CMD,
    If you are interested in learning about the commercial and marketing aspect of art, reddotblog is a useful site. It is operated by a gallery owner and is specifically geared towards offering artists information about marketing, promotion etc. 
    good luck with your endeavours in moving towards selling your work.
  • Thanks for your imput sir
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