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My second Update

Update on my WIP, Well this is it so far. I got to fix the background. The Ross style came out and I was looking for shortcuts (big blinding). . Hope I do not mess it up trying too. I think I get rid of the rose, its too much for me.


  • GaryGary -
    edited January 2013
    Very good progress! I can tell your trying to slow it down a will work out for you in the long run. Take a look at the top of your books...particularly the lines made by top edges of the book covers. If your lovely bookends are tight up against the books then the lines of the top edges should probably be parallel to the cover lines of the NIV bible. It could be correct as you have it or it could just be my old eyes acting up but as I look at the books left of the bible the angle of the top cover edges seems to get flatter...kind of a fan effect. By the way, beautiful detail in the binder of the books! :) If you decide the lines should be more parallel I'm not sure I'd do anything to them, remember it for your next painting....the bindings are so super I'd hate to take a chance of messing them up.
  • Very good eye Gary, I sat and looked at my still and yes you are right, the lines are parallel. The NIV's cover right back is open a little. I concentrated too much on that, and missed the lines. It would be major for me to change so as you said, I will remenber next time.
    Thanks Gary
  • Looks really nice. I find that when I feel myself getting impatient or starting to rush the best thing to do is put the brush down and take a break. It happens so easily.
  • Wow this is a great start, at first glance I thought it was a photo not a photo of a painting !
  • Hi Krazy frames...You are doing a wonderful job on this...please don'[t start "picking it to death" and thinking "shoulda wouldas".....(I know from experience) it will get you all messed up...

    Continue on...remember Mark's words, "sometimes it won't look right until its all done"...

    Of course, when your will probably look at it and try to convince yourself what you don't like...but concentrate on what you do like about it...the wonderful world of art is constantly improving...

    I make a worksheet for each of my paintings...this gives me such great reference material later can see make notes on things to improve and things that were good...continue on without changes...and smile!

  • edited January 2013
    Thanks Keith_A1, Sue, and Savannah.
    This has been a huge challenge for me. But that’s what keeps life fun. Setting high goals and striving to reach them. Wither you do, or not, the experience is still there. And I’ll be having fun doing it.
    But yes, I am going to make the changes, which will be a learning experience within itself.
    Good advice about the worksheet Savannah, I have a short mem.
  • Krazyframes - you are doing a wonderful job on this painting. It amazes me how you were not intimidated by this setup. It seems rather intricate for you to be painting it as your second one. Bravo it is turning out great and I am sure teaching you many lessons. One question for you, are those bookends made of marble? My parents had ones that looked just like that when I was growing up. Donna
  • This is just wonderful! What great control. Your values look fantastic! Can't wait to see this one finished!!!! ^:)^
  • Hey Gus, tjs. Thank you for that, and yes they are marble. I got them at a yard sell for 2.00 us dollars. And I worked hard last night on the painting. I changed the background and finished the table. If I can get the doulie (white thing on the table) right, I will be satisfied. Will tweek it to. I am so excited and I love to paint!!! :D
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