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Need Constructive criticism. 16*20 oil.

This is my daughter.  I know I need to adjust eyes and shade more but anything specific would be great.  I tend to paint soft so I have a hard time with contrast.


  • critterisfun

    Great portrait. Body looks too small in proportion to the head.


    [Deleted User]
  • Before you start making major changes, you might try putting a sheet of Saran Wrap over this and, with a soft brush, make some rudimentary marks/changes to see how they fly.  One thing I know from experience is that  quite often when you have that disturbing feeling that something isn't right, what often helps a lot is adding a few highs and lows.  Generally, as a painting progresses (especially a portrait), the value range tends toward the middle values.  In other words, the painting tends to tone down, and lose its "snap."  Putting back the missing "snap" will often fix what is perceived as a problem.  Try laying in a darker value in the corners of the mouth, as well as a darker value between the hair and cheek.  If you like the changes, you can strike them in.  If not, throw away the Saran Wrap and you haven't caused yourself a lot of grief.
  • Nice work.  One thing I see a lot is painting too thinly, as though you're tinting the canvas with paint.   I would be more generous with your paint application in all but a few parts of the painting. 
  • Beautiful young lady.  You need to check your shadow values in relation to each other.  The darks on the side away from the light need to be darker than the shadows on the light side.  It appears to be an excellent start on her portrait.  I would like to see the photo that you are working from.
  • Have a lot of work to do. You are all right. I definitely am taking all advice but I had to change background first
  • Oh, I love the softer background it's very nice.
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