No sound on purchased Mark Carder DVDs.

I purchased 3 DVD downloads from Draw, Mix, Paint on portraits last summer. I have recently tried to review them, but there is no longer any sound. Anybody else had this problem? Thank you, Lee.


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    @maranalee Usually artists will cut a lot of the painting process out of their videos. Mark wanted to include the ENTIRE painting process in the portrait video, which is why it's so long. There is not enough commentary (sound) for the whole video, so he decided to put all the commentary together so people who are watching the video a second time can listen to everything he has to say without going through the entire video series. There is also no music because different people like different music, so Mark just left the sound off completely (and if people want to put some music on themselves while they watch, they can).

    This is how he handled the audio on the "How to Paint Realism" and the "Painting Portraits" series. In the Portrait series, at the end of the third part there is, however, a short conclusion speech that Mark gives while showing the finished painting.

    After getting feedback on these videos, we realized that some people would prefer the commentary be spread out more evenly throughout the video series, but it's not something we considered when we were originally putting these together. We did take this into account with the "Painting Landscapes" video (which was filmed after the other two), and the commentary is spread out more evenly throughout that video.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your purchase!

    — David

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    I purchased the "How to Paint Realism" video because it said and I quote, "I make it clear exactly what I'm doing so you can follow along and do it yourself", meaning he would be speaking through out the video. If this video truly doesn't have audio and it was an error and you post that it was intentional, that's telling falsehoods!!
    I just responded to your other post on this issue, but again, we've very sorry you aren't happy with your video and did not mean to mislead anyone! I just sent you a private message so we can work this out. 
  • Just to be clear for people interested in purchasing the video, the video comes in 3 parts (all included in the purchase) and is over 4 hours long. The first two parts contain audio commentary throughout, while the third part contains audio only for the first 40 minutes. Here is the description from Vimeo for Part 3:

    "2 hours and 22 minutes of step-by-step painting footage, using the finished drawing from Part 1 and the palette of colors from Part 2. All commentary is in the first 40 minutes of the video, followed by the entire painting process without additional audio."

    Here is a direct link to the Part 3 description:

    Hope this clears up some of the confusion!
  • Beautiful painting!!
  • You can convert these DVDs to your USB then watch the converted content on your computer or other devices. And the detail converting guide is here: It can convert your DVD to MP4 or other popular formats. You can have a check.
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    You will lose navigation if you convert DVD to files. Most video file formats, like MP4 do not support chapter markers. This is the strength of DVD format: navigation. You can find what you want when you want to go back with the chapter markers. For long pieces of video training, having to search through hours of video to find something is you want to review is torture. I think DVD is still the best format for training videos by far. It is a good idea for Mark to release videos as DVD.
  • Hi , I just purchased how to paint portraits video  and the 1st part  is missing .
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