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A Documentary-Movie

Fellow realist artists and photographers: This is a movie about an artist and her art in its purist form. We shall never see anything like this again. You can't plan a life like hers because you can't imagine one like it. It happened to fellow artist and it is only by sheer luck that we know about it today. I watched this documentary-movie twice back-to-back which is something I have never done in my whole life. As realist artists and photography buffs here on this forum, if you have 83 minutes to spare - or double that, if you're like me - I highly recommend “Finding Vivian Mair” a documentary-movie. I've read a lot of words written about this movie and none of them do justice to it. Not even these. You just have to trust me and watch it. It's OMG good! I watched it on Netflix. It's also available on Amazon Prime for free and for sale on DVD. It's out there! But I have to say, that it is the unfolding of the narrative that is also pure genius. So, if you can control yourself, please do not read reviews or watch trailers first. Thank you. Summer (Comments welcome afterwards.)

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