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Hi, I am glad to be here I am really enjoying this site (draw mix paint). I am from Arizona and my name is John Vasquez.  I cannot believe the amount of information that Mark is sharing with the world. I feel so lucky to have stumbled on to this wonderful site. I have been watching the videos and finally got around to trying to paint my first still life, and thought I would join the group. 
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  • Hi Shy,  Nice to meet you, looking forward to making lots of new friends and to learn about painting.
  • Welcome, John! My experience as well. You'll find this forum to be a source of great info as well!
  • Welcome to the forum!
  • Hi, John. Welcome to DMP.

    I'm sure everyone here feels as you do. Mark has engendered deep respect for his willingness to share his knowledge. If his paints etc were available in Oz I'd buy nothing but his products so that I could get closer to painting the way he does.

    I look forward to seeing your work.


  • Yes, this is a great forum.  Although I have been a stalker for the most part, there is always something to be learned.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a couple of Mark's workshops and will have to say that they were life-changing.  He is a genuinely giving person.  It can be a little tedious, especially at first, but if you stay with the DMP process, you will get results that make you step back and say "Wow, I can't believe I did that!".  For me, my problems and failures  come when I am tired or impatient and try to take shortcuts.  Also, starting with a good photo is a must! I have found that if you  fall into the trap of painting from a small overexposed picture of Aunt Sally that has very little definition, the process will not work (at least for me).  Good luck!
  • Thanks SueG, great advice. I plan to do several more still life's in the DMP method until I master it as much as I possibly can. I will then take what is useful to my personal style what ever that might become. Thanks again. :)
  • Welcome to the forum.  I, also, took one of Mark's workshops and it made so much difference in my work that now I refer to my paintings as before MC and after MC.  The after paintings are far superior to the before.  Keep with Mark's method and the effort will be worth it all.  Have patience with yourself.
  • Thanks oilpainter1950. Wow that is some statement before MC and after MC. I love it. I hope to have the same success as you have. I have been fumbling around on my own for 3 years not in vain but without clear direction. I hope to better my skills with Marks methods. I am excited about art again, I am so happy to have a clear path to follow.
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