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Keeping my mixed colors in the fridge?

I am about to start my first painting! I plan to mix my steps as Mark shows on a separate pallet. I have mixed my primary colors with the slow dry medium. My concern is this will probably take me a couple of weeks or more. It's as simple as keeping the palette in the fridge between sessions to keep it from drying out? Should I cover it with plastic wrap or something? Should I let the paint come to room temperature before painting?
I will take lots of pics so folks can see a true rookie DMP project from start to finish!


  • Keep em in the fridge. Lasts alot longer. Might be a little thicker coming out of the fridge, i dont mind. Paint, paint, paint...... Send me some bisquits n gravy. (Nobody makes it in the north like ya'll do :)
  • ddelashaw

    lower temp will help a bit but reducing the paint exposure to oxygen (air) will keep them useable.
    Use the search box at the top right of this page for (snap caps) to read several threads.


  • @ dencal That'll be usa if ur confused about the biscuits. lol... 
  • Kept mine in the fridge and it worked fine. I was amazed that after coming to temp, it was buttery and creamy like the first time I mixed it. 
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    @some that's the best I can do today! (these look GOOD maybe I should paint these to hang in the kitchen!)

    @dencal I looked at your other threads - any chance you can show us a picture of your snap caps and marbles? Thanks!

  • That's what I'm talkin about!
  • dencaldencal -
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    @dencal I looked at your other threads - any chance you can show us a picture of your snap caps and marbles? Thanks!

    Here is a pic of the Snap Cap range I use. Packs of new and examples in use.

    SDM is a small sample of slow dry medium I keep on hand to thin, oil out, or pre-treat a dry surface.
    GG is Grafitti Go, a non toxic, Eco friendly paint dissolver -excellent for brush cleaning.
    OO is olive oil, but could be linseed or safflower for cleaning up smudges and drips. Wet Wipes handy.

    The 75ml and 35ml are the stock color mixed with SDM. These were mixed eight months ago and I can expect another eight or ten if they are not used in the interim. I'm using glass marbles in the dark colors to displace some air.

    The numbered 10ml snap caps hold a range of premixed skin tones for a current project.
    I can expect about a month or two as useable paint. The two unnumbered units are a black and white.
    2 to 10 is light to dark and 14 is a greying color for Temperature shift or shade transitions.

    I can paint directly from these or mix tween values of the palette.
    This set will go towards toning my next canvas when my painting is finished. The snap caps will be cleaned out and go round again.


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    @dencal this is SO helpful! Now I see how snap caps work, and it helps answer another question I have had: how do you know how much paint to mix in your steps, and if you mix a lot for a big painting you don't keep them on the palette! Thanks a bunch!
  • ddelashaw

    Raking through a storage box this evening I found a couple of snap caps of alizarin Crimson and cadmium yellow I mixed in July 2010. My intention was to clean out the container to use again.
    The paint is still the same as the day I mixed it, perfectly useable after nearly six years.


  • Denis that is awesome! Just headed to the art store now to get my snap caps!
    and I would say that's a valuable find if I remember my paint prices!
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