Please read this before posting your work

Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
edited July 2014 in Post Your Paintings
Every so often I will be selecting five new paintings from those posted in the Post Your Paintings category to be featured at the top of the Draw Mix Paint Forum. In addition, the featured paintings will be added to a permanent Draw Mix Paint Gallery.

I will not be asking for permission from the artists who have posted their paintings because it makes things WAY more complicated. However, we want people to be able to post their paintings here even if they do not want to be included in the Draw Mix Paint Gallery.

So — if you do not wish to have your work featured in the DMP Gallery, please let us know by emailing [email protected] before posting your paintings in the Draw Mix Paint Forum.

Thank you!

Also: click here for a simple guide on how to take good photos of your paintings.


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