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Every so often I will be selecting five new paintings from those posted in the Post Your Paintings category to be featured at the top of the Draw Mix Paint Forum. In addition, the featured paintings will be added to a permanent Draw Mix Paint Gallery.

I will not be asking for permission from the artists who have posted their paintings because it makes things WAY more complicated. However, we want people to be able to post their paintings here even if they do not want to be included in the Draw Mix Paint Gallery.

So — if you do not wish to have your work featured in the DMP Gallery, please let us know by emailing [email protected] before posting your paintings in the Draw Mix Paint Forum.

Thank you!

Also: click here for a simple guide on how to take good photos of your paintings.


  • Does it have to be something we painted since the new website went up or can we post some of our previous work too?
  • As I've previously suggested in another thread, I reckon the Carderites should post all of their beautiful TCM paintings posted in the old TCM website, provided they were done using Mark's method. Not only will you showcase your fantastic artwork collection, but will also serve as testimonials of what one can accomplish using Mark's method.
  • Vangie said:

    As I've previously suggested in another thread, I reckon the Carderites should post all of their beautiful TCM paintings posted in the old TCM website, provided they were done using Mark's method. Not only will you showcase your fantastic artwork collection, but will also serve as testimonials of what one can accomplish using Mark's method.

    I would love to see all of it! :-) Even better would be to see it photographed using the tutorial and David's processing guide. That would be awesome!!! We could enjoy it all over again! :-)

  • Nope, there were some of mine on that old gallery that are never to be seen again!
  • What if we start a post where people can post one or two of their favorite paintings from the past AFTER learning Mark's method? Something that hasn't been posted here.
  • You know Ronna, I was thinking of posting a 'before and after' picture. I think it's a good idea.
  • I agree with Ronna that this post or category she is suggesting should be restricted to only "paintings from the past [posted in the old forum] AFTER learning Mark's method." In other words, only paintings done using TCM.
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    You guys always want more rules and regulations! Be free!
  • Ok. You go first Gary. HEHE
    One or two of your favorite paintings after learning Mark's method.
    I think a new post should be started for this.
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    Ok Ronna.....I'll be the test rat! :)

    Hey David! :P :)
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    @maugie I like "Before the Party" a lot!
  • These are very nice and Before The Party is special. =D>
  • Mark says over and over in the video that the color will look all WRONG to you but if you use the color checker and the color looks right then leave it and move on. All the brown of the canvas creates an optical illusion that your color is wrong. Trust your color slowly....check every stroke for the right value and then color and you cannot go wrong! :x
  • Hi Lily! :) First, the statement by Liz in the above post is spot on. Second, make sure your not putting a super thin layer of paint down. Third, get a piece of glass to use as a palette as Mark suggests and paint the back on it the same color as you tone your canvas. Then your mixing the color on the same background as your canvas color. Even after you do this, go back and reread what Liz just wrote. Are you using the five basic colors of paint Mark recommends?

    Your work is beautiful! I have no idea how in world you painted the music sheets?! Amazing! :-bd
  • Hi Gary and Liz,-thank you for your suggestions.I have a palette with mid tone gray background.No to be honest- I didn't use only 5 basic colors that Mark uses .I am vaiting to get color checker - my son ordered for me one,till then I made kind of mine color checker and it do a job for now .I have to become used to thicker paint because I paint in thin layers.I'll be watching Mark's DVD again and again until I get it wright.Will update you soon.Regards
  • While Mark's method is to use only his 5 basic colors, many artists use a larger pallete and not everyone expects you to throw away your green because you have yellow and blue. Some do, some don't. However, you need to use opaque paint not glazes to use his method. I would recommend you try something simple like an egg or an orange and painting on a cheaper canvas panel until you are comfortable with the thicker paint. You will always see your stained canvas through transparent paints/glazes and this is not the method Mark is teaching. There are methods of painting that use many layers of glazes to build up the color you want, but it isn't the method that Mark is teaching and it is MUCH harder to learn. Just try using less medium in your paint, making it thicker so that you cannot see through it and follow Mark's method for one painting. Then decide how you like it. At least you will not see the stained canvas through your colors and your colors will be true to the colors on your pallete. Then if you like painting with thin glazes better you can learn to make an imprimateur underpainting for your glazes.
  • Thanks Grandma, yes till now I have been painting like "Old Master painters" with underpainting and building up thin layers of paint over it.I did few with dead layer over burnt umber underpainting( Sargents Lady Agnew is actually dead layer faze) .
    It is very demanding specially when you have no one to reffer to for some discussion -in my area- not to mention -no one who is doing the same kind of painting method .

    When I saw Mark's way of painting I was amazed....and I'll follow his method and your advice in that regard.But I have a question.I have no studio,I work in my home with my husband and kids around ,sometimes changing working places from the dinig room to the livin room- I can't make studio like Mark has.....and what- can I still apply his method ....Regards Lily
  • Lily, just do as much as you can. Many folks face similar space and family issues. Do the best you can. For example, to prevent glare (maybe temporarily hang a black towel or sheet behind you. You'll do great! :)
  • Lily, I have to paint in my living room near my husband's recliner. He's in bad health and right now has to have me near him at all times. For that reason I'm using WN water misicible oils for their no odor properties and of course I have no studio, etc. I have been able to change most of our light bulbs to the ones the Mark recommends and bought a new overhead light fixture (which is still in the box!) so I completely understand about painting under less than professional circumstances. When I was younger, about 200 years ago, I painted while raising 5 kids, and I used a corner of the dining room. You do what you can. What he does from a still life set up, I do from a photo. I love photos; the shadows and lighting never changes, the models never get tired. My paint won't stay workable as long as his does, but I just remix the colors.
    You will like this about his method. Once the colors are mixed to match, if you're using regular oils, then when you finally start to paint, the painting goes faster. Check color, daub paint, check color, daub paint, etc. And you only paint each spot of canvas one time. When you have the canvas totally painted, THEN if you want to blend any spot of a daub of paint to its neightbor that is when you are supposed to do it. I personally have a hard, hard time waiting until then, but that is the method. This is also a copy method. You are supposed to have what you want to paint perfectly composed before you begin, not change the composition as you paint. All of your originality is used up before you ever get to the paints. For me that is like tying one hand behind my back, but I'm trying.
    I will love to hear how you are doing. You have lots of talent.
  • Grandma, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. If you are dedicated to painting, you will find any place and do the work, even though having a place of your own where you can display and arrange all your tool, switch on/off the light and leave everything behind ….is a good advantage.
    I also paint from the photo, but not having a good one( HR )which makes painting much harder. My goal is to achieve the best possible paintings, but I have to go step by step …I painted up to now less than 20 paintings all together( 5-6 watercolors, 5-6 acrylics and 5-6 oil paintings- which I started in August 2012 painting the portrait of my niece).I explored Internet and there I found what I found......I copied Old Master paintings , now I’ll try Mark’s method.
    I wish you and your family all the best .
    I’ll by mistake posted my paintings as a reply to someone’s post- so don’t be surprised when you see the same post as a new one – on post your paintings. Would like to introduce myself to Marks’ eyes too.
    Just to introduce myself. I finished law school , worked few years and after that followed around my husband’s job with two kids .I always loved painting , few years I painted with glass color on the porcelain and in 2010 I decided to start watercolors. Acryl had fast drying time despite mediums, now I do oils and I think I love them most. I use WN and SCHMINCKE oil colors, to accelerate drying time I used Liquin but I think it makes me allergic .Now I use odoreless terpentine and linen oil.In my area there are no water soluble oil colors. I’ll se where I can find them.
    Thank you so much and we have to stay in touch.
  • Lily, many of us buy our supplies on line but that may be only economical for those in the US. I'm not sure what the recent postal rates are, or what country you are in as we are a world wide forum. I hope you enjoy your painting,
  • a little bit of this and a little bit of that. some toes.
  • coming along very nice
  • @maugie You can attach multiple photos to one post.
  • Very beautifully done, Maugie... Nice job!

  • Maugie

    Beautiful portrait. Such an angel, she would look comfortable on the roof of the Sistine Chapel.


  • Wonderful modeling and shading!
  • veo que todos son grandes artistas...bendiciones
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    aun estoy trabajando en esta marina... quiero las luces de blanco suave verdoso...mas no se como hacerlo :-/
  • Luisfrancisco says "I'm still working on this marina ... I want soft white lights green ... but not how to do it".

    Can anyone help him?

    My opinion is that it is now too late to alter the tonal range. I suppose that a weak grey/green glaze would soften the wave tops, more in keeping with the night time value range. But I have no experience in oil glazing. Can any oil glazers' assist?

    Mi opinión es que ya es demasiado tarde para cambiar el rango tonal. Supongo que un débil gris / verde vidriado se ablandará las crestas de las olas, más acorde con el rango de valores de la noche. Pero no tengo ninguna experiencia en el acristalamiento de aceite. ¿Puede alguno Glazer petróleo "ayudar?

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    Rules? Where we're going we don't need rules.

    Reminds me of the scene at the end of Back to the Future where Doc says to Marty, "Roads, where we're going we don't need roads". And they fly off into the screen.

    What, you want rules? No rules, I make them up as I go :-)

  • Nice work I especially like your "Battle of Anghiari."
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