Any way to see which posts you have not read yet.

gusgus -
edited January 2013 in Technical Support
Ok maybe I am just not seeing it, but is there someway to identify on the discussion list what I have already view and not viewed? donna


  • Yes. If you have read a discussion and there are no new comments in that discussion, the text will be thin and purple. If you have not read a discussion at all, the text is thicker and blue (well, turquoise). If you have read the discussion but there are new comments in the discussion you haven't read yet, the text is thicker and blue, but there will also be a pale yellow "1 new" icon (or "2 new" or "3 new", and so on).

    So in short, thin purple text on the link to the discussion means there is nothing new to read. The forum looks different on a mobile phone but I will be making the style match in the near future.
  • Thank you David, that clears it up and no color checker involved!!! LOL
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