Mist effect

I've been having trouble trying to employ the mist/fog effect on objects to make them seem far away in landscapes.  Any tips/suggestions?
I've been reading some color theory websites, but to no avail.  


  • dont let mist n fog freak you out. It's just a color like any other spot. If you paint from a photograph one time, you will find you can just lay the color down thats on your brush on the photo and adjust it to match the mist color using a color wheel. All we basically do is put little shapes of paint on a flat surface. It freaked me out at first. I just found out its just another color.
  • Atmospheric perspective is the effect you're talking about.  In general, the further back something is, the more air/atmosphere is between it and the viewer.  This makes the object have softer edges, less chromatic and cooler.  (There are exceptions to this and every rule).   The easiest way to achieve this effect it to make more sky color than you need and add it to the local color of the object that you want to recede.  The more sky color you add, the further back the object will appear. 

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    Wayne Clements does mist effects in spades. Here is part one of three.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    I can't demonstrate it myself. I only do missed effects.


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