No clove oil in SDM for titanium white?

So I just thinned down my paints with SDM plus the extra clove oil for burnt umber. I haven't thinned down white yet because I am wondering why the recipe for white doesn't include clove oil?


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    Kingston said:
    White is  inherently slow drying 
    While this is a logical explanation, it's actually not why clove oil isn't in the slow-dry medium for white recipe. Many people here will recall white stiffening up when mixing with SDM. We suspect that (in some cases at least) this was due to some additive in other manufacturer's titanium whites that was reacting with the clove oil somehow, so we removed clove oil from the white recipe. As Kingston said, titanium white is naturally slow-drying, so you can get by without adding clove oil to it — although it isn't ideal because other manufacturers (not all of them, but most ) do put dryers in their titanium white, and also because even with slow-drying colors, a small amount of clove oil is good because it keeps a skin from forming.

    None of this is an issue with Geneva paint, and actually this "white stiffening up" issue is one of the things that prompted Mark to look into making his own paint… and it grew from there.
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