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What makes somebody buy a painting?


An interesting blog reporting a poll that touches on many concerns of artists selling paintings.




  • @Kingston I think it was just a 10-question questionnaire with "it matters" and "it doesn't matter" as the two options for each question.

    Anyway, 71.3% of statistics are just made up.  ;)
  • Interesting that subject matter comes first which is good...but not so good is that ths "skill" of the Artist comes towards the end. Colour should not come before composition, it sounds like they are buying a painting to suit the furniture or a vase.Selling skill of the gallery makes it sound like they were pressurised into buying. 
  • To me, does a painting move you in some way, an emotional connection, is what would motivate me to buy a painting (assuming i could afford it), that wasn't listed. 
  • rstall

    Agree: but I think that is wrapped up in "Subject Matter".


  • They got a spot on a wall where they think it will look good.

    That is why I buy art.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 2016
    A business man once told me "You have to create something that people will pay you money for."  Fortunately, that isn't true for all of us.  It was true for me once, but now I'm painting commissions to make people happy.  The money covers supplies.  When I buy art, It has to fit on a wall in a specific room in our home.  It's getting so crowded now that I'm thinking about developing annual rotating themes.  :)
  • Kingston said:

    I was a little nude very matisse like.
    [Deleted User]
  • It is the first three and price
  • I was in a restaurant just last night that was showing several abstracts by a local artist. Typical piece was 60x80 inches, very colorful lines, oil. Priced at $2800. So probably a couple of hundred in material and supplies, x number of hours to paint it. is this price for the artist? Just what he thinks the market will bear? is there a formula? 
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2016
    @ddelashaw  This topic has been discussed a lot on this forum so you may want to put in the Search field in the upper right hand corner of the main forum page the word "pricing" to read a good number of great threads and posts on this topic.  It's good reading and I hope it answers some of your questions and gives you ideas that you can apply to your own paintings.  Offhand I've heard that prices are regional and tied to the economy as well.  I fear that number of hours spent on a work is the least popular conversation that you can have with anyone when discussing pricing.  And, there are some formulas that can be used.  I think it is a soul-searching endeavor.  And being comfortable with the realities of the business world is a good thing.  At least we get to choose which community of people and artists that we want to be a part of.   :)  
  • true ! maybe because they like it. It moves them. They covet it. Good artwork really provides a boost to one's quality of life. It can sooth and uplift the spirit. How wonderful to be able to own an object that does that for you. To have it at home or in your workplace.
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