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Trying my hand at El Greco


  • Nice composition. And you've certainly captured El Greco's elongated forms.

    What size is the picture?If it's quite large you might want to think about a bit more detail in places. Did you use Mark's colour checking technique to judge the colours and values around the neck and face? Maybe enriching the colours in the shadows there so that they are more like those in the wrist would enhance the face and neck to which they eye is drawn.
  • It is a 30" by 40" canvas. I used a few different books for sources since colors vary from book to book.  I'm thinking about ordering the color checker.  I know the neck and cheek read flat, so I think your comments about the shadows is helpful.  The posed hand was an act of bravery.  I told myself that I had nothing to lose and went to town on it.
    Thank you Tassieguy
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