Hello From Hartwell, Ga

I visited my sister over the holidays. One of the activities we enjoyed was a thing called "Paint with a Twist" where a group of people had two hours to produce an instructor led painting. Mine was, not bragging, by leaps and bounds better than any other in the class which surprised me. Because of this I've been exploring painting through acrylics and finally decided to work in oil, so here I am.

I am a technologist spending my career in various aspects of Information Technologies. I'll be 60 this month. I started watching Bob Ross' programs, getting excited by the process but was trying to translate acrylics to his oils, didn't work very well, at least not for a beginner. A friend gave me an old Mark Carder DVD set and after watching his method unfold before me, I was hooked.

I love realism and what Mark teaches. My goal is to take this journey and discover what realism means on canvas and if I have at least a modicum of talent to make the journey fun and exciting!

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