Prevention from asking anything silly

>< Well, I'm super new around here and to prevent myself from asking anything silly I've been clicking here and there to figure out things. Eg. "Who's this David? Why when someone thank Mark they thank David too? @[email protected] *voice in my head ponders why?*"

"Oh.. After much reading.. Oh.. He does the web and techie stuff, oh.. He's a "Carder" oh, Mark's son... Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! I see!" *enlighted moment*

D; ah.. What's TCM hmm.. What's SDM *looks around for clue*

Okay my point is.... Don't know how you guys think of it. Maybe we can have a column that explains the terms we use around here. Yes? So when anyone new visits the forum they know what exactly we're talking about without asking again and again or searching around for the meaning of the term.

I know this is a forum ;( but I don't like reading so much ><

Thoughts from Mavis, the visual learner, thinker.. Sorry no visuals from this post :D hahaha! :p


  • Great idea and wish I'd thought of it. I had the same questions when I first started reading here.
  • :) Sue!!! :((

    I've been trying to read more before I ask anything. Hahaha! :D
    Ok now I know everyone else could have started just as clueless. Haha! :p
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    TCM = used on the old forum and it stands for "The Carder Method". That forum is now closed.

    SDM = "Slow Dry Medium". In the old forum (TCM), this was known as "DELQ". You'll see the ingredients to make it under the supply list and it is used to keep your paint workable over a longer period of time since Mark teaches the wet into wet method of painting.

    Hope that helps a bit! :)
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    The idea of a FAQ page has already been suggested and I believe that the Carder Gang will include one as this site develops and when they find time. You've arrived here at a fairly early stage in this site's development--the Carders have made amazing progress and more is soon to come. In the meanwhile, just ask. If you don't want to start a new thread for asking such questions, then ask one of the forum members who have stars next to their name. They've been here longer and are more likely to know the answers. Mr. two-gold-star Gary is always a good bet for a quick response. You can use the email function to send individual members questions.
  • Mavis!!! Take a stand and demand action. Don't stop until you get a page that has definitions. The guy who will make the page, his name is David. Tell him you're no one to trifle with. You want ALL the definitions, too, not just some acronyms people throw around carelessly.
  • Oh, but David is busy doing great things! If he is going to keep coming up with great threads like the photo one we must do what we can to help the newbies with our gang slang! Ask anything you wonder about and someone will be glad to help you Mavis! You can even send a message to one of us for things you don't want to post publicly.
  • Good plan, Liz. I wish I'd thought of that, too.
  • I finally woke up.. Lol I posted that just now at 5am when I dreamt I was painting.. :D hehe.. Wokies... oh great @David_Quinn_Carder son of Mark~ hear our request :p
  • :) I'm not a painter as well.. Yeah I believe in learning the acquired knowledge and skills and doing things my way :) I am my harshest critic. So I guess I do my best and try to work things out till I'm satisfied. I think you're a cool person :D
  • Sending you a warm welcome Mavis ... please don't hesitate to ask questions... others may be wondering the same thing and your asking will help others. :-h
  • Clearly, having a personal standard of trying to make each new work superior the one before is a noble ideal, but it is also a trap that boxes you into chronic dissatisfaction. For one thing, that upward climb will always come to an end at some point in life. Will that lead you to abandon the thing you love? It's important to learn to be satisfied with our performance as it wanes. A more realistic standard is to always strive to do your best each day, but to also realize that your best will vary from day to day. This is not a mental trick--it's reality--and it allows more satisfaction and tranquility.

    Wise words. Right on.
  • David:
    Now THATS what i'm talking about!!!
  • Interesting reading, all from a simple request from Mavis for a FAQ page. Which by the way we DO need to do :-)
  • :) interesting replies indeed. :D
  • Sorry Mavis, we get carried away sometimes!
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