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Bob Ross

Hi, I'm new here. Forgive me my English, I'm German. 

I would like to say that all the videos I have watched have been tremendously entertaining and enlightening, but I feel hesitant to try the method since I have only painted in the Bob Ross method, and with the fear of sounding presumptuous, I'm rather good at reproducing the paintings he taught. Provided that I follow the steps on the website, would it be possible for me to succeed? 

Also, since we are talking about Bob Ross, I would like to ask the opinion of the friends from this forum regarding his work.

Thank you very much.


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    You will do just fine here.  I never did an oil painting in my life before coming here.  I think Bob Ross was a fine painter that painted for ordinary people which is great.   He didn't paint from life, though, which is what interests me.  I also prefer more earthy colors, but that's personal taste,  Nonetheless, some of his methods are helpful in plein air painting where speed is paramount. 
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    Hello Milo

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I have only seen Bob Ross on the Net as his programs were not syndicated here in Australia.
    However his work was very influential and popularized painting, which was a rather arcane hobby/profession at the time. His techniques dissolved the mysteries and made painting possible for millions of people. Ross could communicate with a wide audience. In many ways he set new standards and presented novel and useful ideas.

    I have a suspicion that exposure to solvents shortened the life of a natural and productive talent.

    Provided that I follow the steps on the website, would it be possible for me to succeed? 
    Check out the results of the artists by clicking on any of the paintings at the top of the page.

    All of these successes are a result of following Mark's steps. 

  • @Milo , Bob was awesome. He encouraged many to "give it a try". Im very thankful for that. Pay attention to this blog and Marks teaching, and you will leap forward in your joy of painting.
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    LOL  Well said Ronna.  Great analogy.  :)
  • Welcome Milo. You are at the right place here and you will get a lot of help !
  • Welcome to DMP.

    In regards to Bob Ross, my jaw still drops whenever I watch him use the knife to paint mountains.

  • Hi Milo, I did a couple of Bob Ross paintings, they turned out well. You will love the way your paintings turn out using Mark's method. Your English is Good :)
  • Bob was terrific if for no other reason that he helped so many people enjoy the concept of painting and caring about one and all!
  • I just liked his laid back voice, more than his speed painting demos. He was a cool TV guy, for sure.
  • If I can use Mark's method and turn out a good painting, you should be able to also.  Welcome to the forum.
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    What I find fascinating about Bob Ross is his ability to paint a picture in blocks, so to speak. He starts with the sky and then comes down, which is a rather odd way of painting, at least I find, probably because I've been taught to keep many parts of the painting going at the same time. Of course he had a completed reference when he taped the show, but it is still interesting, because it was probably how he painted off-camera as well.

    I think his greatest achievement was to get millions of people, to this day, interesting in painting, his honesty about his method (he said his paintings were never going to be in a museum) and his attitude. A clearly special man, whom I sometimes will watch when I'm stressed out.

    About your question, Milo, I've heard of a few Bob's pupils who have gone to do traditional art, so don't think that because you paint in his style, traditional art is off limits for you, it's just that the majority of people who paint like him are doing it as a hobby.

    In this forum you will find incredibly friendly people always willing to help out with any problems or doubts. Wellcome!
  • Hi everyone.  Iam 67 years old and never painted before. My drawing skills are terrible. Although I do trace well. Lol.  I attempted my first painting after watching Bob Ross paint the Campfire. I could not get the large brush blurring technique. Everytime I tried it took the highlighs completely away and bestroyed the outline of the trees. After repainting the trees a couple of times I quit attempting that technique. I will post my failed first painting.  
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    hi and welcome  @BScutter !   Great colors! :)
    you can post your paintings in a separate tread, just go to "new discussion" and then choose the category like Post your paintings. looking forward to seeing more of your work :)
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