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The Expert Traces.

Sir Peter Blake explains how he gets an image onto Canvas/Paper, He traces ! I don't feel so badly about my drawing abilities :)


  • That makes three.  Three people this year that I've learned love the smell of turpentine.  Castillo, Sir Peter Blake, and me.   :3  
  • I found this very informative and enjoyable on several levels.  Notice the romantic incandescent lighting as opposed to the 5000K?  And the slant of the canvas he is working on?  This is the way that I was working before Mark Carder.  Thanks for posting this link.  P.S.  No, I don't sniff turpentine anymore.  But, I'm always thinking about doing so.  :)
  • edited November 2015

    I agree that it is no sin to trace but learning to draw is critical because it is learning to see.  It is also extremely enjoyable, like meditation.  I have never understood why somebody who wants to make art would consider actual drawing to be something to be avoided.  Sketch, sketch, sketch.  The understanding that you acquire will improve your art in a way that tracing never can.

  • Drawing really is like meditation.  I can literally zone out when drawing.  Drawing does teach you to see and notice relationships, etc.
  • ...but I don't fear transferring.(just a jab at my illustrater buddy and I hope friend) I find that lately I never trace unless it something intricately mechanical.
    [Deleted User]Summermarieb
  • @Summer , there must be a support group you could join for that affliction !  @Martin_J_Crane I would love to be able to draw.My Daughter who is at art college can sketch a pencil portrait so quickly and accurately...she despairs of me and my pages of little squares when gridding up ! though that method has improved greatly because I use it so much. At the moment I am learning to see so much by colour mixing and painting using Marks method. @Kingston, sensible as ever !

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