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Maybe don't upgrade to Win 10... ORRRR...God Give Me a Mac Please,

I'm not an expert on really anything, but if you are one of those (like me) who are using Photoshop and Lightroom and are JUST able to run these programs under your current Windows OS (Vista, 7, 8.1) because of hardware limitations (like just enough RAM and so forth..), think about not upgrading to the FREE Windows 10 OS.
You will soon be buying new hardware I'm thinking. Win 10 uses waaaaaay more Ram. If some geek out there can tell me how to fix it, I would be so happy. I am locking up and can't open Lightroom and Photoshop with any real success. :(


  • SummerSummer -
    edited November 2015
    The problems you are having may also have sometime to do with having security software running when you do the initial install of Ps CC monthly subscription and Lr. They ask us to turn it off first. I wonder why they still ask us to turn off our security software before installing their software in this day and age--so did my Norton when I tried to turn it off. I'll get back to you if I find anything out, Summer
  • How much RAM do you have? If you can post your full system specs I might be able to help. There are a few things you can do about this problem, usually, that don't involve buying a new computer.
  • 4 gig MB, 1 gig video
  • Your virtual ram should be taking care of the overflow needed.
  • heres the specs website:

    i added a pcie 1 gig nvidia card
  • SummerSummer -
    edited November 2015
    I'm sure David will figure this out for you, but for what it's worth, I finally re-installed Ps and Lr with my security in place and haven't had any more problems. It was just when I tried to turn off my security software, as the program suggested, that the install didn't download properly. I have Win7 as well and have been too afraid to change to 10 at this time. Maybe next year when they have most of the bugs fixed.
  • Summer, I had a whale of a time getting it to install. Found a problem that was very odd to be able to do it. Microsoft had no idea. They are chasing their tail on OS 10.
  • some said:

    heres the specs website:

    i added a pcie 1 gig nvidia card

    I think the reason you had trouble upgrading and also are having trouble running programs is because your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, much less the recommended specs, for either Windows 10 or the current versions of Lightroom/Photoshop. I'm surprised the installation wizards don't check your specs and warn you before continuing the installation.

    Windows 10 supposedly requires 2GB of RAM for the 64-bit version (which I believe is required for Lightroom). Both Lightroom and Photoshop require 2GB, but 8GB is recommended. You have 0.5GB (one half GB). So you're not even close to meeting the minimum specs. That does not mean you can't get the programs to run, it just means you shouldn't assume they will run at all, and if they do, you shouldn't expect them to run well.

    In general… a 9 years old computer is too old. :'( If you can cheaply add some RAM (because you do have room for 4GB total in there), you can try that as a temporary fix, but I hesitate to recommend you throwing more money at such an old machine. So until you can buy a new computer:

    1) If you really only have 512MB of RAM, never run Photoshop at the same time as another application. Same with Lightroom. Obviously don't run Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time either.

    2) Optimize your Photoshop performance settings and alter your workflow as needed. This is a long page of instructions, but every little bit counts, so I would go through the whole page from where I linked on downwards:

    3) Optimize Windows performance. Some of this is just removing programs or preventing programs from auto-starting in the background when you turn the computer on or restart, but there are also some easy things to do like disabling some of the fancy aesthetic things in the new interface:

    Anyway… I'm sorry I can't help more or give you any good news. I feel your pain — right now I get to work on a nice computer, but believe me, this wasn't always the case! The computer I was stuck using when we first launched DMP was even worse than yours, and I didn't have any choice but to multitask with Photoshop and other programs since these tasks were required for work.
  • Oops, I missed one of your posts. I think you said you have 4GB of RAM. That's not nearly as bad as I thought. Still, since you're having trouble running everything, the links I posted in the previous post may help.
  • @David_Quinn_Carder, I upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1. I use a lap top. I now find that when I try to move the mouse it won't move immediately, it takes a couple of seconds, but when I use a USB mouse it works ok. Is this a problem with Windows 10 ?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2015
    @marieb Let me quickly say that I am more of a software guy (and not much of one at that), and really don't know a lot about how hardware actually works. If I can answer your question it will likely be because I Google around for the answer and just post the information for you.

    Anyway, when you say the mouse won't move immediately, but a USB mouse will… what kind of mouse is the first mouse you mention? Wireless with a dongle? Bluetooth? Or is it a really old mouse with one of those circular plugs?
  • I changed my paging file from auto to 530 to 1000. Runs a little better.
  • @Marieb, you might try to find a new software driver for your integrated mouse.
  • mariebmarieb -
    edited November 2015
    @some, does that mean it is not window 10's fault ? @David_Quinn_Carder the one that is built into the laptop, you move it with your finger, an integrated one.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited November 2015
    @marieb You are talking about a "Touchpad". You can go into settings and change the speed of your curser to move faster. At least that option was available when I used a Touchpad years ago. By default, Win10 may have lowered the speed settings and they may still give you an option to increase it.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2015
    Oh, that's not a mouse, that's called a touchpad or trackpad.

    If you mean that WHENEVER you move your finger on the touchpad the on-screen cursor seems to "lag behind" your movements, then no, I don't know why that's happening or how to fix it.

    However, if you just mean there is a delay when you first try to use the touchpad, then I think the problem is you have a setting enabled in Windows which automatically disables the touchpad when you type. You can adjust the delay or disable it completely if you go to the Settings app:

  • EzraEzra -
    edited November 2015
    If you are using paging for RAM requests, you don't have enough RAM. HP says that laptop can't take more than 8. I think its time for a new computer. Until then, make sure nothing else is running when you run your big apps. there are a lot of other things you can do to increase performance, but they will make it only slightly better. I thought windows 10 was a good upgrade when i did it for myself. I like it better than 8. There were a couple of nasty bugs which i had to fix though. I have 4 G extendable to 16 I think.
  • @Ezra ..what were the bugs? Maybe i got em too.
  • some said:

    @Ezra ..what were the bugs? Maybe i got em too.

    i doubt it. first one is a well known bug. sound driver doesn't work. no sound.

    also I noticed performance increased after a few days. Startup was faster. Make sure you have stuff taken out of startup you don't need.

  • Thanks folks, @David_Quinn_Carder your advice worked a treat, the touchpad had a delay on it. <3
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