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Hallo, I did not post anything for a while, but here I am back again :-) Here is a painting I did from a photo I took in my hometown. And I will add small version of the photo, too.
My goal was not a 100% reproduction of the photo, so I added a reflection to one window in the grass to help the view up to the other reflections in the boats windows, changed the name and some other smaller things.

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  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2015
    The foliage, grass, weeds with their flowers, and the patches of earth are my favorite parts of your painting. How did you do that? ;)
  • SilkeSilke -
    edited October 2015
    Thank you all! @Summer: I first painted darker patches of color with a bigger brush to represent the shadowy areas underlying those areas that catch more light. The edges were soft. Then came the branches and leaves in different values and varying colors depending on how much light they catch and what they reflect. The same with the grass and flowers and the ground. I might post some photos I took while painting, later today. It just came to my mind that I have them
  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2015
    Silke said:

    I might post some photos I took while painting, later today. It just came to my mind that I have them

    You worked from dark to light, the way that Mark recommends. I see. It would be nice to see some process photos if you have the time to post them. Adjusting a reference photo is challenging for me because I tend to get too creative. And I'm still trying to get Mark's method down, to give it a chance, and change bad painting habits of take shortcuts that don't work out. It would have been better if I had just started out in life with Mark's method--as some visitors to this site probably are doing right now. Lucky them. :)
  • Yes, I worked from dark to light. In most cases I do. And after blocking in the darks I worked in certain parts till I thought them to be finished for the moment, because I did not have so much time every day and I wanted to work wet in wet as far as possible. If you let your fantasy play and paint things different than in the picture, that's perfect, I think, because it is the painting that counts in the end. And if you vary something because you like it better another way, that is how it should be. If it is not a portrait where everything has to be in place, why not move things around or color them different if it serves the painting? I think Marc did not develop his method to produce an army of painters slavishly copying photos. It is a fine method to get started and learn do handle the colors and brushes and get accustomed to seeing the right way and transform your perceptions into color.
    Here are some photos. Hope they help. If not, go on asking :-)

  • @Silke These are wonderful progress photos. A reminder how paintings should be done. Thanks for posting them. I learned from them. Summer
  • Thank you Summer, I am happy that I could help. I do not know, if this is the way a painting should be done. It is only the way I could manage to paint this subject. Another painter might have painted all the shadow areas first, then maybe the background then the boat than the grass. A third painter would again proceed different... I did the boat first, because it was the most difficult for me. Then I did the roof, because it was the next difficult - I never painted roof tiles before. Then I could play and relax with the trees and grass
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