Hi I am Susan.. Aka Salt Water. Livin the Salt Life here in South Fla. Landscape painter, seascapes at the moment. Total convert to the DMP Carder method of painting. Just got back home ( 2weeks now) from the mother ship in Austin. Having some growing pains at home. It was so wonderful just to go in and paint for 6 or 8 hours. Don't have to worry, plan or set up & adjust anything. And you can use as much Geveva paint as you want cuz that have lots of it! Clove heaven!
Reality check back home! Had to redo everything which took a 1.5 weeks to get back to painting. Still have some glass pallets to stain, but I am back painting.
I have never posted on a forum before, but have been reassured all answere to any questions can be retrieved right here! So here Iam B)


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