Translating Kelvin into 100 plus or minus slider system in Lr

@David_Quinn_Carder David, I'm reading the White Balance section in the 6.1 - Using Lightroom to Process Raw Images in the 6 - Processing Photographs on the Computer and I believe we have different versions so the information/understanding of a particular area that I need is difficult for me to find. I'm including a screen capture of the area in question. Hoping that you can translate the Temperature number of 5500 Kelvin system on your slider version of Lr into the l00 plus or minus slider system that I have in my version. I am using a Windows 7 Professional PC and my version of Lr is Adobe Lr CC 2015.2.1 A big thank you in advance if you can help translate Kelvin into the 100 plus or minus system. Summer


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    Your image is not in raw format, so it can't show actual temp/tint. You also can't adjust temp/tint with non-raw images except in a very fake "color wash" kind of way, so I wouldn't bother with it. Actually, I wouldn't use Lightroom at all if you're not shooting in raw format — just go straight to Photoshop instead.

    You probably already know this, but I strongly recommend shooting in raw format. :)
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    David, I now have a raw photo in Lr and the Kelvin Temperature adjustment slider is working fine. I don't know why I put a .jpeg photo in Lr. I won't make that mistake again. I have been shooting in raw exclusively for several months now. You really know your stuff! Thank you. Summer
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