What size will I paint ?

Hi all, further to my post asking question about painting a portrait. The photo that I want to paint can only be enlarged to half life size or it becomes pixilated. It is not very sharp. I know it will be easier to paint life size, but can I paint it a little larger or will it look like a blurred photo ? This the Photo.


  • I don't always print my reference the same size as the painting. I always print just large enough where I can see the colors and the details.

    Just an observation, the pose, the composition and the expression are great but I noticed that the shirt and hat are somewhat overexposed and the face overall just feels a bit too red. I played with the image a tad in Photoshop just to show you a different take on it.

  • Very nice Castillo. I like the changes that you made. I'm just learning Photoshop--taking an online course. Seeing what you have posted on this forum gives me great encouragement. :)
  • @ Castillo, thank you very much for making those improvements. If I save the image and get it printed by the same printer, do you think the colours will print the same as here? I don't have photo shop only Gimp, I want to paint now not wait till I learn to alter the photo ! However you and @Summer feel free to adjust it further ;) He is not as "red" or "Yellow" in reality...lol
  • Just realised that the photo I posted is not the one I got printed, The printer took some of the red out, so the Photo is like Castillo's one. Canvas bought earlier,16 x 20 . Going to draw it up tonight =)
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