technique issues

Hi, I've been painting for a little while. When I try to add a color next to another, I pick up the other color on my brush and it smears into the color I'm adding. Another problem is I can't place the paint from the brush exactly where I want it to go, or create a nice sharp edge, and the third problem is I don't like the drag of the brush on the canvas, which is gessoed and sanded, unless I have a lot of paint on the brush, but then this causes the problems just mentioned above. Any suggestions? I appreciate that all of you take the time to answer our newbie questions. I wish I could have one of you sitting next to me when I paint! thanks!


  • bonnie56

    Assuming you have followed Mark's advice to this point and have "ketchup consistency", paint mixed with slow dry medium (SDM), I have two suggestions to ease the flow and set down of the paint on the canvas;

    Firstly, dip your brush in the SDM and wipe dry before picking up any paint. This will help the paint flow off the brush.

    Lastly, if there is still a problem, wipe a thin coat of SDM over the canvas before you start painting. The SDM will reduce surface tension and allow the paint to flow easily.

    If you have problems after these measures then you need to retrace the steps and review the quality of the SDM mix and the paint mixing procedure.

  • @bonnie56

    Some tips: paint your first colors (usually darks) in thinner layers than the later colors. Only paint a couple of strokes before wiping your brush and getting fresh color from your pallete. Consider buying a couple of flats or brights for those sharper edges.
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