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Water Mixable Oil Equivalents to Mr Carder's Pallet


My wife refuses to have the smell associated with standard oil paints and clean up in the house.

I use water mixable oils. I would use the Geneva Brand if I could.

What are the equivalent colors to the Geneva Brand that is used here? For instance, I am
unable to locate the red Rosso Corsa in Water mixable oils. What is the closest alternative?

And the yellow?

Thank you,



  • dencaldencal -
    edited September 2015

    Hi and welcome to the DMP Forum.

    W&N water mixable Artisan range:

    French Ultramarine Blue
    Permanent Alizarin Crimson
    Cadmium Yellow Light/pale
    Burnt Umber
    Titanium White

    These all mix well with Mark's SDM formula; keep well in small sealed containers, have several days open time, but stay tacky for a few weeks on the canvas. The performance you experience will depend on temperature, humidity and storage attributes.
    They are good quality and inexpensive.

    If you provide some ventilation all you will notice is a slight, pleasant clove oil fragrance.
    Use safflower oil to clean brushes and you will have eliminated solvents almost entirely.
    It's about the closest arrangement 'til Geneva is available.


  • Geneva paint does not smell. If you want to confirm first-hand, try ordering one jar of Geneva Titanium White (the cheapest color) and put some out on a palette. You might notice a mild clove oil smell right when you open the jar, but once on your palette I don't think anyone will be able to smell anything. And you don't need to use smelly things for clean-up either.

    Anyway, regarding color recommendations for water-miscible oil paint, Mark answers that exact question here:

    If available where you are, the five colors @dencal mentioned would probably be the best substitutes color-wise.
  • Right, the Geneva paints do not smell. I just finished mixing each bottle to refresh them, no smell at all.
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