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When can I find round or oval shapes canvases/wooden panels for painting?

I was wondering if you have some input on where I can buy round/oval wooden panels or canvases. There are some available from American Easel (6" x 8" oval and 8" diameter round) but I'd like to have something bigger. Thanks for your help.


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    It might be most practical to cut shapes like that in panels like plywood or other materials...probably 1/4" thick would work for smaller sizes, and then increased thickness for larger. Then after cutting the shapes you can glue canvas on on the face if you don't like the wood surface.

    Here is a YouTube video of some dude named Tom Steigerwald...I think he uses 1/8" masonite (hardboard) for a lot of the work he does, and they are quite large.

    Here's his website:

    If you can't do the cutting yourself you can:
    1) Buy the panels and draw the shape you want on it, then take it to someone else to cut it, such as a woodworking shop with a bandsaw or a saber saw.
    2) Make a full-size template (or half-template) out of cardboard or other stiff material you can cut with scissors or a knife and let the woodshop use that to trace the shape on the panel before cutting.
    3) Make a precise scaled-down drawing of what you want with exact dimensions noted, that a competent woodworker can use to recreate a full-size template, or can use to draw the shape directly on the panel to be cut out.
    --Keep in mind that the more prepared you are and the more clearly and simply you can communicate precisely what you want, the more willing the shop will be to help you and the less they will charge.

    Here's what not to do:

    Artist: "Hi, I'd like to have some circles and ovals cut out of wood...can you do that?"
    Woodworker: "Well yeh, probably...what do you have in mind? What kind of wood and what size?
    Artist: "Oh, I don't know for sure...maybe about this big, more or less" (showing dimensions with hands spread apart, moving together and apart). "How big is that? Do you have a tape measure?"
    Woodworker: "Yehhh...." (Thinking 'Oh Lord...this dingbat is going to ruin my day').
    Artist: "Okay, that is about 30 inches wide...or maybe a little smaller would be better...what do you think?"
    Woodworker: "I'm sorry ma'am, I've got an emergency to tend to over at the other shop...we'll have to talk later....bye now."
  • Thanks a ton for your advice!
  • Blick Art Supply has 10", 12", 16" and 20" canvases in stores. I bet they can get larger ones ordered in.
  • @Ashwini I just remembered that the place where I get my substrates also sells rounds. You might find something there you like.
  • Thank you Summer. I'll check it out.
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