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Working in my first still life and I have couple of bright Romano tomatoes on my scene, I can't get the Geneva red to be as bright as my tomato, how can I get it???

Cadmium red?



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    If you balanced your whites with the color checker correctly when you started, then yes, a good cadmium red might work. However, before you go out and get some, first make sure the value of the tomato is not lighter than white or very close to white. If it is, you will not be able to get the red color no matter you do. You really need anything colorful, especially "deep" colors, to be significantly lower in value than white paint. As you approach black or white with paint, you also start losing the ability to have saturated color. Mark demonstrates this extensively in the lesson at the beginning of this video:

    Do you have a photo of your setup?
  • Hi @David_Quinn_Carder! Thanks!

    This is one of my tomatoes.Thank you for your comments, I'll try this afternoon. BTW I had problems printing the images of my still life, they are just off. Do you know a good online source to get this printed the right way? even better, somewhere in Dallas.

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  • Osedma

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    Printing images? If you're doing a still life, I would strongly recommend painting from life, not from a print. In any case, if you're trying to match this color from this photo, that should be very easy to get with the Geneva Essential Palette.

    I'm not sure what the problem is… for the darkest colors, Rosso Corsa and Burnt Umber (plus further adjustments with other colors as needed), and for the lightest colors, Rosso Corsa and either Cadmium Yellow or Titanium White (probably at least some yellow, as it does lean towards orange a bit, at least on my screen).
  • @osedma I know that you didn't ask, but the diffuse front lighting of your still life isn't giving you any significant shadow shapes. The resulting painting may lack depth and have a flat appearance, like a photo taken with a flash.
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