From Maryland, pleased to make your acquaintance

Hi, I'm Alan and I am an acrylic painter....yes, acrylics (I can hear the gasps). I do still life, landscapes, and abstracts.

I paint to keep myself sane from the 24/7 work life. By day, for 30 years, I have been a printer of custom labels. Ink and color is an all day, everyday theme. I chose acrylic medium for its quick drying properties and wide array of gels and mediums for creating different and interesting textures and movements.

I have created a unique technique; taking pigments from water based flexo ink, mixing it to a fluid medium, and create flows of color on canvas and wood panels that cure to a high gloss finish. I call them, “Fluid Acrylic Happiness”. I have done about 140 artworks in the past 2 years. Many were sold and many were gifts. see my website,

I stumbled upon Mark's YouTube videos and was immediately impressed and inspired. I look forward to keeping up with the happenings within the forum and Mark's work...truly awesome.


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