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New Forum Gallery

Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
edited January 2013 in Post Your Paintings
I am going to start featuring five paintings at the top of the forum. Every few weeks, five new paintings by forum members will be selected.

Here are the criteria:

• I will only be choosing artwork that is realism. Paintings in the forum gallery should demonstrate good proportional drawing, natural color, as well as good brush work. But please do not look at this as some sort of "strict realism test", ultimately it must be art work that moves me — not something I can define by any rule.

• Your painting must be posted in the Post Your Paintings category in its own thread. Work-in-progress photos are encouraged but not required.

• Poorly photographed works and small photos will not be considered. Most people will never get to see your painting in person, so a good photo is important! Once you learn to do it right, it's pretty straightforward. I have a video on how to photograph your painting here:

And please note — I love all kinds of artwork, including work with very unnatural color, unnatural proportion, and "poor" brushwork. So it may be that I LOVE your painting, but can not include your work simply because it does not serve as a good example for those studying realism.

Featured work will be added to a Draw Mix Paint Gallery for permanent viewing. If for any reason you do not wish to be included in the gallery, please let us know.
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