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Preparing pallet...question about slow drying medium?

Good morning, New to group and returning to oils for the first time in over 25 years. I have been working in watercolors, graphite for many years. I have been working my way through many of the first videos and find them extremely helpful. I have one question...when setting up the palette I see that the mixed colors are readied with slow drying medium...all very tidy on the palette but I don't see a video to show how these colors are premixed with the medium. Is there a video I can watch for this step in preparing the pallet? I specifically want to see how to mix the medium into the color of choice. It looks like the color is mixed and then added in a nice puddle ready to go. I am used to adding medium as I go so this method is a step I'm not used to but happy to learn :) I am working in Duo water soluble oils. Thanks so much, Laura


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