Hello From Melbourne

Hi All
Ive been using Marks methods for a few years now - got his portrait and still life DVDs and watched all his videos
I love the ideas he has re putting together a studio - I have built the easel and the picture holder and have black curtains all around my studio room
Just 3 ideas I would like to share- I added wheels to the bottom of the easel and picture holder so they can move around easily - works great - also I built a flat board on hinges that attaches to the easel that tilts up and down so I can use the easel for watercolor
In Australia we cant get Geneva paints easily and I tried making Delq but my family rebelled because of the smell so Ive adapted - I bought a small freezer and paint with paint from the tubes without medium and mix my colors and then store them in my small dedicated freezer until that picture is done- they last there forever
I am very grateful to Mark for all I have learnt from him
Its great to be on the forum now


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