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So here is my latest a work,its a black panther done on Brustro 300gsm paper,as is clear in the picture..the paper is too rough for my liking,so i cant go in and put in the small details like fur on the nose etc.When viewed from a distance it still exudes a pretty good effect.Any color pencil users on this forum?..any suggestions for paper and the drawing itself would be more than welcome.
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  • I agree way too rough for the fine detail. I would go with a Stratmore fine paper or board.
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    If I can see the whiskers it's detailed enough. Splendid work here.

    Hot press or Not paper will give a smoother surface. Yupo is the ultimate smooth for wet media.

    Watercolour pencils can be washed in for a base tonal range, when dry pencil in the details and textural effects.

  • HM

    Jason Morgan has some fine videos on uTube, not that you need them, but he demonstrates beautiful fur textures with layered glazes.

  • Hey Ron..i agree and this was after actually sanding the paper 3-4 times.So i will have to experiment and see which works best..but again this is only apparent when you get upclose to the drawing and this was zoomed in quite a bit.

    Denis:Thank you for your kind works..yes i didnt realise hot press and cold press would make such a i guess i need to keep looking for alternatives.Also these are oil based pencils by faber castell known as i blend using for the video..thanks..i knew jason morgan had good videos but thanks for directing me to this one..maybe i could go over the painting in oils once i complete everything.
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  • Hot press Fabriano watercolor paper, or soft press. Be careful with the smooth paper very lite layers, if you press down it won't take anymore. Unless you spray it lightly with workable fixative. (Not the best, better to control your pressure) Another excellent paper is Stonehenge. (softer but good tooth) nice colors. Order a Luminance white colored pencil, expensive but only white that you can use over color to add highlights.
  • @PennyM :Thank you very much for the information.I did have an idea about these materials also the luminance pencils(extremely expensive),but the problem is most of the stuff isnt available in India..there is Fabriano..but no Hot pressed paper..or of the right weight.I basically use 300gsm paper.As for Stonehenge..I havent found any good ones yet.But ill keep looking.I might try getting the Strathmore..I think Bristol paper?just to see how it works.
    Have a great day!
  • I like Canson 1551 for graphite and charcoal. I have never tried it with colored pencil, but it is smooth and tough (stands up to lots of erasing!) and would probably work quite well. As far as I know it is only available in white and cream.
  • I have done numerous colored pencils(prismacolor) on U-Art sand paper. I buy the 800 grit and use gamsol to blend with. You can also purchase sanded pastel paper that makes a very good foundation to work on. It will erase well, too. Even though the paper is rough, you can still get a great deal of detail on it. I have watercolor brushes that have a barrel on them that you can fill with solvent and blend the colored pencil. I use Strathmore 400 series for graphite drawings. You are doing a very good job on your panther. I enjoyed looking at it.
  • Thanks a lot guys.Definitely take your suggestions on board with my next drawing.
  • H.M

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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