Arcadia Bluffs Holes 10 and 11 at sunset 20x30 inch oil on canvas

Started this one about a week ago. Here is the progress to date. Photos went in out of order but you can figure out the sequencing. Lots of red and brown with hints of yellow and white in the grasses. The fairways needed the power blue for some reason in this painting. Not a color I use very often. Otherwise Mark's usual palette. Still using SDM until it runs out. Josh

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    The photo looks much warmer than the painting. Are you setting white balance manually for these WIP photos or using auto? If using auto… I highly recommend setting the white balance manually if I you know how. Easiest way to do it is with RAW in post, but if you aren't shooting RAW for whatever reason, you can set the white balance in camera as well.

    I really liked the warmth — the oranges and browns and dark shadows and that fuzzy horizon — in the reference pic. I'm nitpicking though, looking great so far!
  • @David_Quinn_Carder the photos are from my IPhone so I have no idea. As for the fuzzy horizon, I agree my painting needs to have that. I will try to get a couple shots with my camera and be aware of the setting in manual. Thank you for taking time to critique it is helpful as always.
  • @martenvisser I have never glazed before, but the idea sounds intriguing. Since I just started last January, I have been working on getting better at just painting and have not had time to explore many of the great possibilities surrounding painting. Any suggestions on where to start if one were interested?

    I loved the view on this one as well. It was taken the night I arrived at Arcadia Bluffs and was simply enjoying a beverage watching the sunset. Most of my golf photos are from the perspective of the golfer (me) and this one was not that at all. Just a beautiful landscape with great shadows.

    Thanks. Josh
  • @martenvisser Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have a couple older paintings I may experiment with and see how it goes.
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  • Sounds like good advice.
  • My favorite so far! Beautiful light!
  • jbrgolfs

    Nice work. Foreground seems too coarsely textured ?


  • Looks great, love it. I'm assuming the top-right area of the sky there is not actually pure white and that's just the photo?
  • @EstherH thank you. @dencal I think that front right is done, as I didn't want to put in each strand of grass. Do you think it is too contrasting to the rest of the painting, does it detract in your mind from the painting? I am genuinely interested in your opinion on those. Thanks. @David_Quinn_Carder Once again just poor photos skills with my iphone after a night of painting. I am painting in my basement with about a 6 foot tall ceiling and just can't get the light far enough away from the painting. Here is another one with one light out. Still some glare, but not as bad.

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    The big opportunity is demonstrated in the photo you posted. The fine, tall and wispy foreground provides a dramatic example of recession in an image.

    As well as contrasting foreground interest with the texture on the mid-ground hills the fine wispy foliage creates a vignette, leading the eye down the meandering fairway to the sea. In the photo the tall foliage closes the form of the foreground preventing the eye wandering off to the left.

    The tall, wispy foliage is the start point for a beautiful journey down the valley.
    The tall, wispy foliage provides compositional balance with the light values on the right of the frame. The spikes of orange against the dark brown middle distance hill is a high point of visual interest.

    This texture can be added in a few minutes with a long liner brush the finer elements with a dry loaded bristle.


  • @dencal Thank you for the response. I will have to revisit the painting tonight and see what I can do.
  • I am on a bit of a homemade frame kick. Here is this one.

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    You're getting so good at these I can't believe it. You've given me hope that I will improve with time as well. Especially love the water and the trees and the sunlit hills on the right in this one--and the frame. :)
  • I am impressed by this painting in this frame! They are made for each other...
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    @Summer and @EstherH thank you both. My grandfather went into a nursing home about a year ago and gave me his routing tools and table and other woodworking tools and I decided it was time to put them to use. I'm glad you like the frame and painting together.
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