Hello from Cincinnati

Greetings all! I've been following Mark Carder for several years and have only recently followed-through with getting a studio setup as he suggests. I've painted off and on for around five years, but I've felt strongly that I need the discipline and rigor that Mark prescribes - so here I am :). While I love realism, the more I've studied painting for myself and painters throughout history, I've come to enjoy a number of different styles. I believe that you have to prove that you've mastered the mechanics and produced quality realism before you can "honestly" stray from to produce quality works that approach impressionism. Besides Mark's work, I especially like David Leffel and Sherri McGraw. To me, they show that a mastery of the mechanics can translate into a beautiful more impressionistic style - it's what they call abstract realism. This is all a VERY enjoyable and enriching hobby for me right now, but I'd like to see where it might take me one day as I near retirement from my IT job.

I really enjoy seeing others' work and I'm astounded by the quality and the patience of people who have mastered Mark Carder's teaching method. I'm looking forward to getting additional motivation from others who come here! See you in the discussions....



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