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First almost complete Carder method painting

Here's my work-in-progress of a photo I got of Kate Beckinsale. I know that it's not a great photo given that it's over-exposed. Mostly, I knew that whatever photo I chose as a reference to paint, I'd be looking at it a lot and for a long time, so I wanted to pick something I'd enjoy look at and Kate filled the bill :) I have work to do on the eyes and am currently working on her mouth. I'll likely finish with the hair. Comments and constructive criticism definitely welcome. I'm not happy with the results so far, but I think I'm learning a lot....

dencalMikeOSummerEliza[Deleted User]Rindytoo


  • Hi Patrick,

    Good progress. The Carder Methos calls for working from dark to light all the way, so i wouldn't be afraid to fill in that dark in.around the eyes. The hand and shoulders are looking great already. He is all about the values.. keep matching/checking and magic will be produced on to the canvas. Keep going...
  • The painting is really looking great. Take your time, the Finnish will be a winner!
  • Great hands...keep going .
  • Thanks all for the comments. Kamlika, thank you especially for the detailed input. I needed the encouragement to go back after a few areas, like the dark around the eyes. It's just soooo weird how it you think you have it dark enough until you get the surrounding are filled-in - which is what Mark has mentioned. Clearly, I need to take more time to keep checking values and colors. I find this approach really challenging to my patience since it's so time consuming, but I do think the results are worth it. I hope that I can still tweak the eyes and mouth to increase the likeness.
  • The photo reference looks a little hot to me as well. Definitely check your values anyway though. Some of the shadows look a little light. This looks really good though. I would also check the right eye (left eye looking at it) as it looks a little low to me, but again, that could just be the photo of the canvas. Everything is fixable with oil paint, by the way! :-)

    This is amazing for your first painting though. Take your time -- it's the best way to learn. Once you have the canvass covered, start asking yourself the "what's the difference" questions. Keep going!
  • Thanks rgr. I agree re the shadows and I'm going to go back to those. I'll double-check the eyes, but I don't think the orientation looks as bad in real life - it's worth checking though. Thanks for the encouragement!
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