Major Mitchell cockatoo wip ...complete!

JodieUJodieU -
edited January 2013 in Post Your Paintings
Here is my latest wip, as many of you know I have been battling with ferocious muscle tension headaches, but thanks to some very good advice from my friends here, I may just have had my last headache!
This is (going to be) a painting of another Australian native bird a Major Mitchell Cockatoo, I hope to complete it over the next few days.
The spider webs were a massive challenge. I did not really have a brush fine enough.
I hope you enjoy looking! And hope to have an update soon. Fingers crossed that it goes well, the bird is mostly white so very subtle colour changes to master!
(Painted with WMO's on a 12x 16 canvas. Only linseed oil used as a medium.)


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